♔♔....Nude art from Patrick Le Hec'h | French photographic artists

Patrick Le Hec'h | French photographic artists

The Hec'h Patrick began his academic training at the School of Graphic Art Corvisart Paris. On his release he worked briefly as an illustrator and graphic designer before accepting the artistic direction of a communications agency. Inspired by the romantic and surreal, is detected in its early creations of the atmosphere that are visionary painters: Giorgio De Chirico 1888-1978, Tanguy, Bocklin, Delvaux and René François Ghislain Magritte, 1898-1967. Invited to present his paintings at galleries renowned Parisian Avenue Matignon, rue du fg St Honore, at the Grand Palais, as well as Monte Carlo, Cannes, Palm Beach, Chicago or New York, his work now recognized as contained in number of private collections, earned him awards on the occasion of major arts events.

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